CONTEST: Matthew Dear in D.C.

I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting another ticket giveaway. It is featuring an electronic artist who nearly defines artistic consistency.

Converting to Old Time Relijun

When a band wears that certain “experimental” tag proudly on their sleeves, it would be foolish to expect one consistent critical response. It is

Attracted to The Opposite Sex

There are some bands who are reluctant to point out their influences, fearing that such remarks would take away from their suggested innovation. While

Mono in VCF… in Stereo

Ah, Phil Spector. You just have to love the guy. Whether it is his influential production technique found within the “Wall of Sound”, his

Let’s French in D.C.

I would assume that the local music scene in Washington D.C. is filled with an abundant number of bands who view American patriotism as